1. Another Day

From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

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Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Ivan Rosenberg, dobro


Here’s another day
The end of another night
The first act of another play
First round of another fight
If only yesterday
Had been what this day might
But here’s another day
Another chance to get it right

I wake up strong, I wake up sober
I wake up eager to start my life over
All through the morning I act the man I aim to be
But the past, it pulls me like the moon pulls the tide
And an hour I’m not proud of pretty soon slips by
Come the evening, once again, it’s only me


Here’s another night
The end of another day
Another losing fight
Though a few rounds went my way
Sleep will strengthen me
Once again I’ll wake
Once again I’ll stand up
Once again I’ll say…