1. Drowning

From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

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Words and music by Pat Donohue © 2005 (Bluesky Records)
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Barry Lawson, mandolin


I stepped out my door to clear out my mind,
I walked to the shore and the waters looked kind
I slipped off my clothes, waded into the blue
And the next thing I know, I’m drowning

I’m drowning in you, and there’s no one around
I’m over my head and I’m going down
In an ocean so deep, what am I gonna do
Such a beautiful sleep, I’m drowning in you

Rock me beneath, under your waves
I can’t get free, I don’t wanna be saved
Swallow my soul, but whatever you do
Don’t let me go, ‘cause I’m drowning


I made up my mind, this could not be
I look in your eyes and I realize I’m lost at sea