1. Give Me a Boat

From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

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Words and music by Gene Mills (BMI)
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Barry Lawson, mandolin


Fish, they like structure, places to hide
Shipwrecks and oil rigs and reefs
I know ‘em all in this part of the Gulf
I know the shallows and deeps

I used to fish by that Deepwater rig
I knew all the roughnecks by name
The day it went down, I cast my net
And tried to pull them from the flames

Give me a boat, I’ll make her dance,
Dance like a bird on the breeze
Put me ashore and I won’t have a chance
All that I know is the sea

Someday the catches will be what they were
There’ll be good money to make
But payments are due come the first of each month
And someday’s just too long to wait

I know these waters and the bottom below
Like I know the back of my hand
But I know there’s nothing I know how to do
To get a good job on dry land.


Deepwater Horizon
Look what you’ve done to the sea
The fish are still dying, the oil is still rising
Look what you’ve done to me