1. Holes

From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

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Words and music by Gene Mills (BMI)
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Barry Lawson, mandolin


There’s a hole on the landing that no one else can see
where a big old yellow dog used to sprawl out fast asleep
I used to step across her when I came down the stairs
Now every time I step right in the hole where she’s not there

There’s a silence in my living room that no one else can hear
where a fiddle and a friend of mine would sing so sweet and clear
But her singing days were ended by a car that went too fast
Her life was just half lived but there was so much to her past

I used to have a solid house, walk on solid ground
The sky was full of light, and the air was full of sound
Now the walls are full of termites and the yard is full of moles
Everywhere I look the world is filling up with holes

I can hear the phone not ringing, see that mail not come
hear that babe not crying and feel what should be numb
hear that bass not thumping, see that smile not flash
smell the fire burning, turning forest into ash


I know that all around me are holes I can’t see
where someone’s friend or brother or sweetheart used to be
and the babies keep on coming but just can’t take their place
The fabric of the world is slowly turning into lace