From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

Words and music by Gene Mills (BMI)
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Barry Lawson, mandolin


This land, it holds my grandparents’ bones
Trees planted by their hands
And the house they built from timber and stones
They cleared from that rich bottom land
I swallowed hard when they widened the road
Took half an acre of mine
But the road is something we all own and use
Not some company’s bottom line

Hey Dominion, you don’t have dominion over me
You don’t have the right to take my land
Against your lawyers, your lackeys, your money and your lies
My neighbors and I will make a stand
You might win, but we’ll fight to save our land

Christmas Eve, a letter in the mail
told me I was being sued
They say I have to let those surveyors in
They’re trying to push that pipeline through
Teresa Jones, who carries the mail
told me I was not alone
Scores of families got letters just like mine
And spent Christmas fearing for their homes


You got money, you got power
You think you’ll ram that pipeline through
But all your might doesn’t make you right
And we’ll fight, we’ll fight to stop you

We won’t quit, we’ll fight to save our land