1. Taking Charge

From the recording Walk on Solid Ground

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Words and music by Gene and Gayla Mills (BMI)
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals; Ivan Rosenberg, dobro,
Barry Lawson, mandolin


My brother Ronnie and his friend Dale
Built them a fort up in a tree. I said
“You need a few more nails there”
They couldn’t hear a girl like me
That fort came down, those boys came with it
But they were game to try again
I said, “Boys, if you don’t want to die
You’ll build according to my plan.”

Boys, I’m taking charge here
You had your chance, but now it’s gone
You might think this is a man’s job,
but I’m here to show you how it’s done

Now I’m at work, I’m in a meeting
These guys go on and on and on
They all want to be the big man
But I just want to get things done
I hold my tongue while theirs keep wagging
Till I’ve finally had enough
And I say “Boys, I’m gonna tell you what we’ll do,
I’m gonna talk, you listen up.”


You can call me any name you choose
I don’t care what you might say
Kick and moan until your face turns blue
Just as long as you obey