1. Twelve Days

From the recording If Stones Could Talk

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Written by Gene Mills (BMI)
© 2011 Heart Pine Music
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills; Upright bass and vocals: Gayla Mills; Dobro: Ivan Rosenberg
Key: Cm mid tempo 3:16


I ran a good size office
made fifty grand a year
I lost that job two years ago this week
The unemployment checks ran out
My savings are all gone
I got twelve days till I’m on the street

I get up every morning
Put my good dress on
knock on doors and walk the city streets
I can’t help but notice
the doorways that I pass
and size them up as places I might sleep

Chorus: I’ve sent out 50 resumes
made a hundred calls
haven’t had one call in return
I’ll wait tables, push a broom
I’ll take any job at all
I got twelve days for my luck to turn (2x)

I’ve sold most everything I owned
My furniture and car
I kept a suitcase and some good warm clothes
What I’ll eat, where I’ll sleep
how I will survive
come twelve days, God only knows