From the recording If Stones Could Talk

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Written by Gene and Gayla Mills
© 2011 Heart Pine Music
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills; Upright bass and vocals: Gayla Mills; Fiddle: Jim Skelding
Key: Bb slow 3:48


I’ve heard those love songs, you’ve heard ‘em too
about all the things those lovers would do
They’d climb the high mountain, swim the wide sea
Walk through a fire, even die if need be

Oh, but how many times in the course of our lives
does the need for any of those things arise?
If that’s what you need, I’ll do my best
But it’s small things that really put love to the test

Chorus: Oceans are wide, mountains are steep
Fine words are pretty, fine words are cheap
If you want to know how I really feel
That’s what the small, everyday things reveal

I’ll make the salad; you won’t have to ask it
I won’t use the floor as my laundry basket
When I see a dust bunny under the chair
I won’t pretend that it isn’t there

And when you come home mad from a bad day at work
your boss is a tyrant, a fool, and a jerk
I’ll sit and listen till you’re all through
I won’t try to tell you what you ought to do


I’ll help with writing the holiday cards
I’ll brush out the dog and scoop up the yard
If you wash the dishes, I’ll gladly dry
and give you a shoulder, when you need to cry