From the recording If Stones Could Talk

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Written by Gene Mills (BMI)
© 2011 Heart Pine Music
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills; Upright bass and vocals: Gayla Mills; Dobro: Ivan Rosenberg
Key: Bb mid-tempo 3:28


Drive me to the airport, walk me to the gate
One kiss for old time’s sake although I’m running late
I’ll wave to you from the window seat
as you’re walking back to your car
Then away I’ll fly in that autumn sky
that’s slowly growing dark.

And I’ll go on a journey to some unknown place
See in the clouds the contours of your face
I’ll fly beneath the jumbled stars
that’ve seen a million nights
till I see the long straight lines
of those blue runway lights.

Bridge: Those blue runway lights flashing by in the night
That sinking feeling deep inside when you leave the ground in flight
And there ain’t no use in running when you got the means to fly
And I’ll let the engine’s humming be my lonesome lullaby

Repeat verse 2