1. Great Divide

From the recording If Stones Could Talk

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Written by Gene Mills (BMI)
© 2011 Heart Pine Music
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills; Upright bass and vocals: Gayla Mills
Key: Bb Mid-tempo 3:30


Two muddy children, five years old
One mother laughs, one mother scolds
Two decades later, two young men
One plays it safe, one plays to win

Chorus: We’re raindrops falling on the Great Divide
an inch one way or the other might decide
which way you're headed, where your destiny lies
We’re raindrops falling on the Great Divide

All night grocery, help-wanted sign
Seventeen years old, trying to decide
Does he go in, see about that job
Or does he come back later for to rob


Bridge: A fork in the road will sometimes stare you in the face
Sometimes you only see it looking back at some far place
And you don't know what might follow from a single word or glance
You do the best you can and leave the rest to chance

A shy young woman trying to read a book
A shy young man trying not to look
Does she ignore him, does she give him a smile
One small decision, two different lives