1. Better Late

From the recording If Stones Could Talk

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Written by Gene Mills (BMI)
© 2011 Heart Pine Music
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills; Upright bass and vocals: Gayla Mills; Banjo: Bill Evans; Mandolin: Barry Lawson
Key: D up-tempo 3:07


Since he was seventeen, Charlie Williams had a dream
to build himself a house with his own two hands
But he never got around to ever breaking ground
Now it’s 35 years later all he’s got are plans

And it’s better late than never, you could wait forever
if you wait till there’s nothing standing in your way
But if you’re gonna to do it, then you better get down to it
don’t wait for tomorrow, better start today

Molly Arnold knew what she was meant to do
She was full of stories just waiting to be told
But kids grow up so fast, years go flying past
And she hasn’t written anything and now she’s growing old


Bridge: Now at last Charlie’s dream
is turning into post and beam.
And Molly’s writing words for all to see
They wish they’d started younger
but they’re feeding that old hunger
living life the way it ought to be