From the recording Waiting for Rain

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Words and music by Gene Mills
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass; and vocals; Steve Smith, mandolin and harmony vocals

Won second place in the Indie International Song contest, folk category, 2010. Inspired by a drought that hit central Virginia in the 1970s.


[Chorus] Green fields turn to brown
Dirt roads turn to dust
Machinery lays in the field for weeks
but it don't rust.
The cattle that are left
are eating last year's grain
and I ain't doing nothing but waiting for rain

You can't make hay when the sun shines the whole summer long,
I can use the rest, I can't complain.
I can watch TV all day
and look out now and then
at a cloudless sky
through a dusty windowpane

I'd like to do some fishing
at that pond just down the road
but first it turned to mud and then hardpan.
Boy, we caught some fish there
'fore it went completely dry
You could scoop up bass
and bluegill with your hands


The money in my bank account
the water in my well
last week they finally disappeared
and I'm wondering if the bank is gonna
give me one more loan
and hoping I'll be able pay it back next year