1. Anna Mae

From the recording Waiting for Rain

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Words and music by Gene Mills
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Steve Smith, mandolin; Missy Raines, bass; Claire Lynch, harmony vocals
A popular coal mining song. Has won 3 awards: 1st place in Indie International Country category, 2010; 3rd place in the 100% Music Songwriting Contest, 2008, and finalist in the Great American Song Contest, 2008. Also recorded by Steve Smith.


Anna Mae was a coal miner's daughter
She became a coal miner's wife
Soon she knew she'd be a coal miner's
She didn't ask no more from life

[Chorus] A coal miner's wife
walks gently on the ground
'til her husband returns safe and sound

Coal dust was always on the windows
but food was always on the table
Anna watched her husband go down in the
every day as long as he was able


Standing in the kitchen when the earth
started trembling
Anna heard a low rumbling sound
Her hands started shaking like the dishes in
the cupboard
She threw her curses at the ground

Anna Mae, she's a coal miner's daughter
a coal miner's widow as well
and she'd just as soon watch her son go
down in the mines
as see him go down into hell