From the recording Waiting for Rain

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Words and music by Gene Mills
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Gayla Mills, bass and vocals;
Jim Skelding, fiddle


I sure like music, I sure like to dance
I do it as often as I get the chance
I'd love to play fiddle in some old-time band
But I can't play the fiddle with these working man's hands

[Chorus:] A working man's hands are all
calloused and worn
Seems like they've been that way since I
was born
No palm-reading gypsy could tell me a thing
My future and past are both there to be

Master of some trades, jack of 'em all
I'll rebuild your engine or frame up a wall
And the tool is a rare one that these hands
don't know
but they're just too clumsy for fiddle and


I can count on my fingers mistakes that I've
with hammers and wrenches and spinning
saw blades
But a sweet singing fiddle puts me in a
Then in my mind my fingers can dance