1. Country Boy

From the recording Waiting for Rain

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Words and music by Gene Mills
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Bill Evans, banjo; Jim Skelding, fiddle; Missy Raines, bass
Won 1st place in the Country category of the Indie International Songwriting Contest 2008.


When I was just 15 or so
I heard some music on the radio
It had violins and steel guitars,
and it talked about love and trucks and bars
I'd never heard that kind of music before
but I knew I wanted to hear some more
I bought all the country music records
I could find
My friends all thought I'd lost my mind
But Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and the rest finally made me decide
I'm gonna be a real country boy
just like Charley Pride

I sat right down and made me a list of all the things I'd have to do
'fore I could honestly say that I
was a country boy through and through
Well it took me weeks to make that list
When I was finally through
I counted up the pages, it took me ages
There were a hundred and seventy two

[Chorus:] Now I got my cowboy boots, a stetson hat
a little beer belly, but I ain't fat
I haven't got the nerve yet for mullet hair
but just gimme time, I'm gettin' there
I've always kinda liked that good French wine
but I'm changin' my taste to Bud, and
I've always kinda been the sensitive type but now I'm learnin' how to be a stud

I traded in my Civic on a pickup truck
with a bumper sticker sayin' that I love God
and put a shotgun rack on the window in back to hold my umbrella and my fishin’ rod
I hopped a freight across the whole damn state and nearly froze my tail
and I was almost ruined 'cause it sure took
some doin' but I finally spent the night in jail


I taught my mom to make apple pie
so I could say it was the best in the land
I went to night school to learn to drive a semi- truck
Things are working out just like I planned
It might sound like I've done a lot, but I've still got a long way to go
Gettin' to be country born and raised
is a process that sure is slow
But I don't mind, I'm doin' fine
The way things look to me
I'm gonna be a real country boy
by the time I'm 83