1. Ghost Town

From the recording Waiting for Rain

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Words and music by Gene Mills
Gene Mills, guitar and vocals; Jim Skelding, fiddle; Missy Raines, bass


The paper says the town is growing
It's already overflowing
Out on 29 the woods
are giving way to neighborhoods
But for me this town is haunted
Twenty times a day I'm taunted
by the sight of someone who
is never quite enough like you

[Chorus] I'm living in a ghost town
Everywhere I go I see
a ghost of you and a ghost of me
So I'm gonna get on the road and drive
with no map to guide me
It don't matter where I go
just as long as it's away
And if I find a place
that seems like it can hide me
from the bitter winds of memory
that's where I'll stay

I'll find a place you've never been
where you got no friends or kin
where there are no radios
and redbud never grows

‘Cause I can live for half a year
on what I've saved and what I fear
Look down the lonely years
I've gotta get away from here