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Song © Gene Mills 2019
Guitar and vocals: Gene Mills
Bass and vocals: Gayla Mills
Dobro: Ivan Rosenberg
Recorded and Mixed: Bill McElroy, Slipped Disc, Ashland, VA

“All of Us Alone” describes a feeling we all have at one time or another, but it has particular resonance since Covid.


A hoot owl, a mourning dove, a whippoorwill are calling
I hear a lone coyote howl and moan
Crying in the darkness, hearing no reply
All of us, we’re all of us alone

You don’t miss water when water’s in the well
You don’t miss warmth in July
You don’t miss sleeping till you toss and turn
You don’t miss love till goodbye

Lonely is the only child whose parents have passed on
Lonely is the soul without a home
Lonely is the one who loves whose love is not returned
All of us, we’re all of us alone


Train off in the distance, moon up in the sky,
Tree out where nothing else has grown
Wind through its branches blows, singing this refrain
All of us, we’re all of us alone